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About Us

About Us

About Us

Marden Wolfe are committed to providing packaging solutions for the improvements you want and even the improvements you didn’t know you could have! - through the application of new technology.

Marden Wolfe was formed in 1978 to help serve the rapidly developing frozen food business, which was in its infancy at the time. The great need was for input on packaging methods and systems to which Marden Wolfe could lend their considerable expertise.

Having successfully established stability in the early years, the company developed by coordinating closely with the meat, poultry, and fish sectors to produce retail packs for all the major supermarkets.

As the frozen food sector consolidated, developments have concentrated on chilled foods. Marden Wolfe, in partnership with third party manufacturers has created tailor made solutions to individual client needs.

Through this policy of developing partnerships with carefully selected manufacturers, Marden Wolfe continues to maintain a very close focus on its established core markets.

Bringing an expertise that is second to none in the product development chain for supermarket packaging.

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